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A New Innovative Secondary School for Pasifika by Pasifika


Pacific Advance Senior School (PASS) was established in 2015 as a Partnership / Kura Hourua School enacted under the Education Amendment Bill 2012, the first Pasifika for Pasifika senior school in Aotearoa New Zealand.In 2017 the Ministry of Education authorised PASS to further enrol Year 9 and 10 students and in 2018 PASS transitioned into the first Pasifika for Pasifika secondary school in Aotearoa New Zealand. With a change in Government in 2017, PASS successfully transitioned from a Partnership /Kura Hourua school to a Designated Special Character School in close partnership with the Ministry of Education, (under Section 156 of the Education Act, 1989), commencing 2019.

Underpinning PASS’s commitment to optimising student’s educational outcomes is the provision of proven academic mentoring and pastoral care models developed for the unique learning needs and realities of Pasifika youth growing up in contemporary Aotearoa New Zealand, in particular within the South Auckland context.

These services complement the work of PASS’s qualified teachers, all who have experience and expertise in teaching Pasifika students and a passion and an affinity for empowering Pasifika students’ through education.

PASS is dedicated to nurturing students to fulfil their educational potential first and foremost, and in the process are strong and confident in their Pasifika identity, life skills and leadership potential.

The education curriculum is designed to ensure students have viable pathways to successfully pursue further education at tertiary level and vocational pathways once graduated.

OUR VISION: PASS’ vision is to see our PASS students flourish in their education journey whilst at PASS and to transition from PASS having achieved academically to their full potential, and as qualified and confident leaders who are well rounded and will contribute positively to their whanau, communities and as members of contemporary Aotearoa society, they are culturally rich and fully equipped to walk successfully within their respective Pasifika worlds, within a mainstream context and Te Ao Maori, the world of Tangata Whenua;
PASS will achieve this by:- Leading in the provision of Pacific-for Pacific education for students in Year 9-13 that is cutting edge, innovative and responsive to the unique, dynamic and fast changing learning needs of Pasifika secondary school students in Auckland specifically, and in the wider national context, cognisant of the Treaty of Waitangi and our unique relationship with Tangata Whenua.
OUR MISSION STATEMENT: ‘Pacific Advance Secondary School (PASS) is a leader in “Pasifika mo Pasifika” (Pasifika for Pasifika) secondary school education in Aotearoa New Zealand. Our students will thrive and flourish within a unique, innovative and culturally safe learning environment underpinned by Pasifika values and cultural norms and responsive Pasifika curriculum and pedagogy plus proven educational best practice. PASS students will fulfil their full educational potential whilst developing skills, capability and confidence that ensures they are equipped and qualified to succeed in further tertiary education, vocation and employment pathways and in all aspects of their life.’

To realise its vision and purpose, PASS undertakes to achieve these Objectives:

  1. Reach target Pasifika priority learners
  2. Achieve Pasifika student success
  3. Achieve Pasifika student engagement
  4. Engage Pasifika families and communities
  5. Have inspiring and well informed, culturally competent staff