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Ala’imalo Falefatu Enari

Bachelor of Education, Diploma of Teaching

O lo’u igoa o Falefatu Enari, o lo’u nu’u o Lepa, Nofo’alii, Safune, Sataua and Vaiala (Nu’u), Samoa.  I am married to my beautiful wife Parehuia and we have 3 amazing boys. Brian is a teacher at PASS, Ereatara is a professional rugby player, studying at Lincoln University and Ulalei attends Otahuhu Intermediate School.  I have years of experience in both primary and secondary school leadership. My passion is to see young people reach their God-given potential. I love to create strong success cultures where people grow and freely operate in their gifts and talents.

Parehuia Enari

Bachelor of Education, Diploma of Teaching

Ko Parehuia Enari ahau, nō te Tairāwhiti. I am the proud wife of Falefatu and māmā of 3 young men, Brian, Ereatara and Ulalei. I have experience across both the primary and secondary education sectors as a practitioner and leader. It is a privilege to be part of a kaupapa that is committed to raising academically skilled, confident and faith-filled Pasifika rangatahi as they journey toward lifelong success.



Jeanie Hansell

My name is Jeanie Hansell of Samoan, German, Chinese and English descent, Mum to my beautiful son Ethan. Important factors that attracted me to work at PASS are (1) the opportunity to serve and honour God in the mahi that we need to do and (2) I was inspired by the challenge to work with youth whom most regard as belonging in either the ‘too hard basket’, ‘a lost cause’ or ‘something’s missing – need a change in my life’ scenario, hence here I am with an opportunity that I just couldn’t PASS up!

Fiona Fono

PA & Reception

My name is Fiona. PASS is only the beginning of my goal to serve the community. I see a future of more pasifika business owners, home owners, teachers, parliament members, CEOs, lawyers, constables, doctors and so much more. We start with ourselves, the part I play here at PASS is serving, loving and believing in our youth and families. I look forward to greeting you, come as you are, you are welcome in this house.




Clera Matafai

Senior School Leader & Curriculum Leader

MBA, BEd School 

Talofa Lofa Lava. I am a dedicated teacher, with over 12 years, full-time teaching experience ranging from year 3 to year 13. Previous positions held were Associate Principal, Team Leader – Samoan Bilingual Unit and Year 7/8 cohorts, and teaching English and Mathematics at Avondale College. I also held leading positions in School Wide Curriculum, Literacy, Learning Languages and engaging Cultural Diversity. Further to my qualifications and experience in teaching, I am soon to complete my final business project towards a Masters in Business Administration with The Auckland University of Technology. I believe our role as educators is to prepare co-operative, self directed and independent learners for an increasingly demanding society. I love to help the children of today feel success in their education, and I encourage them to participate in education in a greater capacity as they mature. I enjoy providing students with the tools to access and manipulate knowledge and demonstrate the skills to cope in an increasingly technological society. I am of Samoan decent, from the villages of Savaia & Gagaifo Lefaga. I am married to a wonderful man of 23 years and together have 7 children and 3 grandchildren.

Saoluafata Elisara Manu

English & Literacy L1

Bachelor of Education, Higher Diploma in Teaching

Talofa lava. Olo’u igoa o Saoluafata Manu. Olo’u nu’u i Samoa o Moata’a. I have three children and seven grandchildren and they are all living in Auckland. I have been teaching for 36 years from Primary to Secondary levels. I have been a Deputy Principal for 12 years and Acting principal for 3 terms. My main passion is to improve and increase the achievement levels of all Maori and Pasifika students. With God’s grace and his wisdom, I believe that every child has the right to succeed and reach their full potential in life.

Reitumanava Tupaea

Te Kura Coordinator, SINCO, Remedial English (ESOL) – C.E.L.T.A – Cambridge English

Kia Orana Koutou Katoa, my name is Reitumanava Tupaea. I am half Tahitian and half Cook Island, born in Tokoroa and brought up in Sutton Park,  Mangere East. I have been married since 1979 to Kawiti Abraham Tupaea (Tainui) and have 3 daughters Jamie, Merehira and Ngati Pikiao. I have been teaching  for over 20 years, mainly ESOL and Special Needs. I started from Primary School to High School and am now at Pacific Advance Secondary School. What a true blessing it has been since I started here in September 2015. We give God all the glory for the miracles and blessings  that are all around us here at P.A.S.S.

Bayley Johansson


Performing arts and Senior English Teacher

Malo e lelei! My name is Bayley Johansson and I am of Tongan and New Zealand-European descent. I am deeply committed to serving my Pasifika, South Auckland community, and I do this as a Performing arts and English teacher here at Pacific Advance Secondary School, as a Mentor and Producer for the Black Friars Theatre Company, and as a member of the Pacific Advisory Group at the Auckland War Memorial Museum. In these roles, I am privileged enough to work with young people in education and Pacific creative arts, to grow young Pasifika leaders and scholars, and to change the stories that are being told about our people.

John Ryu

Senior Mathematics Teacher 

Bachelor of Arts (History, Philosophy of Religion)

Master of Arts in Education

Kia Ora! My name is John Ryu from South Korea. I have worked in Thailand for the past 12 years and have landed in Auckland in July 2018. I am married to a beautiful wife, Jordana from Malaysia, and we have an awesome daughter, Hope. My educational goal is to motivate and touch an individual’s heart and help them to find the meaning of learning. I am so blessed to be a part of PASS family and get to know these beautiful and handsome people from the Pacific islands.

Ben Saipele

Senior Physical Education Teacher, Sports coordinator

Bachelor of Arts, Teaching in Physical Education

Talofa lava, My name is Ben Saipele. Born and raised in South Auckland, I am Samoan and the youngest of 5. My parents come from the beautiful villages of Nofoali’i and Falefa. I am married to my beautiful wife Talai and we have 2 inquisitive and playful baby girls. I am passionate about teaching young Pasifika students. I enjoy the different learning structure that PASS offers such as our praise and worship times where we put God first and having physical training as part of our daily programme. 

Christopher Tuuga-Stevenson

Social studies teacher

Kia Ora, Talofa and warm Pacific greetings.

My name is Christopher Tuuga Stevenson. I am a proud Samoan, born and raised in Aotearoa New Zealand. I am passionate about serving our community and helping our students succeed. I have the privilege of teaching English as well as Social studies and look forward to helping all students on their academic journey. PASS offers a unique learning experience for both students and staff alike. My goal is to help students breakdown all barriers and realise their God-given potential. My prayer is that God continues to remain and exist at the centre of all that we do at PASS.

Mikolo Hansen


Music teacher

Mālō e lelei,
My name is Michael Hansen but most people who know me call me by my Tongan name Maikolo to Kolo.

Born and raised in South Auckland. I am Tongan, the youngest of 8 and my parents come from the villages of Kolofo’ou and Tefisi. I am the Music teacher for our senior students at Pass. I am a musician outside of Pass and a member of the NZ band Ardijah. I am very passionate about developing our Pasifika natural God-given gifts and talent. I feel like the best reward you can get as a teacher is seeing students excel and strive to be better in everything that they do.

Dinah Iusitini

Junior School Leader, Y9 Teacher

Bachelor of Education, Diploma of Teaching

Graduate Certificate in Special Education and Hearing

Talofa lava! O lo’u igoa o Faasautele Dinah Iusitini. O nuu o ou matua o Lalomanu ma Neiafu.  Na o mai i Niusila ile 1962 aua se lumanai manuia. We lived and grew up in Westmere, Auckland with mum and dad, my brother and sister as well as our many aunties and uncles since the 70’s. I am married and we have been blessed with two beautiful girls and a boy. I have taught in both  New Zealand and Samoa. Whilst in Samoa I taught in a number of schools as well as working in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and over 100 government secondary and primary schools supporting principals, teachers and student in inclusive education, literacy and numeracy. I also worked with Peace Corps Samoa. My life mission is in line with the vision at PASS.  I am humbled to serve with our PASS family to make a positive difference in the lives of our wonderful young people learning and growing together to become the best they can be and fulfil their God given purpose!

Irene Lal

Junior Y10  Teacher

Bachelor of Primary Teaching

Namaste. Ni Sa Bula. I am Irene Lal, I am of the Indian descent from the indentured labour system in Fiji, born and bred and lived in the province of Tailevu Naitasiri (Rewa) in the central Viti Levu, Fiji for 35 years before emigrating to NZ in 2006. I have one son (Aman). Currently, he is attending AUT.

When I came to NZ, I became very passionate about ‘strengthening wings’ of our Pasifika students who were finding learning difficult at Primary, intermediate and Secondary Schools. I have also trained in Worldview Studies (Laidlaw College), Reading Recovery (University of Auckland), Diploma in Adult Training and Education (Southern Institute of Technology), National Certificate in aged disability and care (Career Force) and CELTA (Unitec).

At the end of the day, I want to acknowledge God and say, “PASS is God’s calling for me” and I shall help to strengthen many wings while I serve God at PASS.

Alosina Faumui

Junior Y10 Teacher

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honors), Diploma of Teaching

Talofa lava, Vinaka, Malo e lelei.

Hi. My name is Alosina Faumui and my parents come from the villages of Lalovaea and Avao in Samoa. I was brought up in a small town called Tokoroa. It is a great privilege to teach at Pacific Advance Secondary School. I enjoy engaging our students while helping them reach their potential. I believe that all young people in New Zealand have a latent power within, that can enable them to be the best and greatest versions of themselves. Here at PASS, we nurture that potential by turning young people into confident, vibrant, young adults ready to shine as adults in the real world.

Candice Stock

Senior Digital Technology & Media Teacher

Bachelor of Visual Arts, Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education


Kia Ora, my name is Candice Stock and I am of Maori, English, Russian, Polish, German and Scottish descent. I came to PASS because I am passionate about raising achievement in Maori and Pasifika education. I believe in the development of good core values. I am honoured to be a mentor and coach to the students at PASS.


Selina Fa’asolo

Senior Science Teacher

Bachelor of Science, Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Secondary)

Malo e lelei my name is Selina, I was born and brought up in Tonga. I immigrated here in the late 80’s for one purpose only, to get an education. I choose PASS because I have a huge interest in seeing our Pasifika students achieve their full potential. I like being a contribution to the changes in how we teach to meet the needs of our Pasifika kids. PASS models our Pasifika values of; family and faith.

Pastoral Team

Leativa Lemalu

Guidance Counsellor, Gagana Samoa Teacher

Bachelor of Applied Social Science Counselling Level 7

Talofa lava, “O LE ALA I LE PULE O LE TAUTUA, ONA E AFUA MAI MAUGA MANUIA O NU’U” I thank my Almighty God for His calling, using me as a servant of P.A.S.S. It has always been a long time dream for me to be able to work for my Pasifika community/people in any ways I can. Here I am, my dream has come true, and am absolutely feel honored to be part of such an amazing strong waka, with everyone working collaboratively to better the future of our talented and blessed young Pasifika whanau. We just have to remember and keep reminding ourselves that, ‘E LE’I FAUSIA ROMA I SE ASO SE TASI’. A au fo’i i tatou ma le Atua, o ai se faasaga tau mai? O lo’u igoa o Leativa Lemalu mai Matautu Lefaga ma Matautu Falelatai. I have a 33 year old daughter who lives in Samoa with my handsome 7 year old grandson, and my 23 year old son lives in Brisbane Australia.




Mele Vamarasi Tiu

School Chef

My name is Mele Vamarasi Tiu and I from Rotuma, Fiji. I am married to Jotama and we have a handsome son together. Before coming to New Zealand I worked in Fiji at Churchwood Chapel as a Church Secretary, Graham Eden and Associates as a Rugby Commentator and I also worked in the Publication Industry. When I moved to New Zealand I found work at Matson South Pacific before coming to PASS. I came to work at PASS because I love being able to talk to young people and learn a different perspective from when and where I was brought up. In my time it was an era of ‘being seen but not heard’ and here at PASS it is culture of ‘being seen and heard’ and that is why I love it here.