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Student FAQs

What do I do if I’m interested in enrolling at PASS?

To enrol call us straight away on 0800 80 PASS to book a meeting. Otherwise drop in to our school at 42 Atkinson Ave, Otahuhu.

What is a Personal Education Plan?

A Personal Education Plan is like a personal map towards your future. You share with us what your strengths are and what you think you may like to do when you finish school. We will then write down your aspirations (goals) and figure out a plan to help you to get there. It may take some hard work and it may feel uncomfortable at times, but that’s why we are here to help you along the way.

What subjects can I take at PASS?

NCEA Level 1 – English, Math, Science, P.E. and Digital Technologies. The extra subjects you can take include Tu Tagata (Health and Wellbeing) and Fa’a Pasifika (Pasifika Culture).

NCEA Level 2 – English, Math, Science, Biology, P.E., Music and Digital Technologies. You can also choose subjects through The Correspondence School in many other subject areas including History, Legal Studies, Media Studies and Business Studies.

NCEA Level 3 (to start in 2017) – English, Mathematics with Statistics, Calculus, Biology, P.E., Music and Digital Technologies. You can also choose subjects through The Correspondence School in many other subject areas including History, Legal Studies, Media Studies and Business Studies.

Sport – This year we started our very first volleyball and rugby teams. Training and physical conditioning is compulsory three times per week.

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What’s it like at PASS? Why should I choose PASS?

PASS is a modern, exciting place where you come to learn and do life together with your close friends and family. We are a small Pasifika secondary school that provides amazing resources and staff who really care about what you need to achieve in your NCEA journey towards a bright future. If you enjoy hanging out with great friends and teachers who are willing to have a go at making learning relevant, then PASS is for you.

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Will I get NCEA at PASS?

If you are willing to connect positively with others, learn new skills, work hard and be respectful to others, then of course you will be on the right path towards attaining NCEA.

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Parent / Guardian FAQs

What are the school fees at PASS?

There is an activity fee of $230 that covers your child’s NCEA fees and school activities. Two healthy meals per day and a uniform kit is given to all students who enrol and agree to live by our core values of love compassion, respect, faith and service.

Is there a uniform at PASS?

Absolutely! We are committed to providing the best uniform options for your child. Your child will look smart, feel fantastic and be proud to wear their PASS uniform.

What is a Personal Education Plan?

A Personal Education Plan is like a personal map towards your child’s future. They will share with us their strengths and what they think they may like to do in the future. We will then write a personal plan to help them get there. This plan will be shared with you (parent/kāinga/aiga) all of their teachers and coaches, and Co-Principals.
This way, everybody knows what the plan is and we make a commitment to support your child through their journey. What is the catch? It will take some hard work and it will feel uncomfortable at times, but that’s why your child’s support team is so important.

Why should my child enrol at PASS?

Your child will love attending PASS. We are the first secondary school that is developed for our Pasifika children, by Pasifika leaders of the community. When your child enters the school doors they will see and experience a family environment that is familiar to them, just like home. We are fully equipped with the opportunities for your child to achieve their NCEA qualifications. We will also provide daily physical exercise, healthy breakfasts and lunch for your child so they can fully engage and sustain their energy and thinking ability while at school.

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How do I enrol my child?

Call us immediately on 0800 80 PASS and book an appointment to see our Co-Principals. Otherwise drop in to our office (upstairs) at 42 Atkinson Avenue, Otahuhu.

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Will my child’s qualifications be the same as if they go to public school?

Absolutely, we hold consent to assess NCEA subjects which means that your child can study towards the NCEA Level 1, 2 and 3 qualifications.

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Where is the school located?

The Pacific Advance Senior School is located at 42 Atkinson Ave Otahuhu. The school’s premises are well suited to cater for an anticipated roll of 250 students (Year 11- 13) by 2017.

How do I get in touch with the school?

Local principals, parents/caregivers and prospective students can contact the school on 092760375, or 092760376, or 0800 80 PASS.  Ask to speak to Fatu or Parehuia (the school co-principals).  Alternatively, email Fatu or Parehuia at office@pass.school.nz .


Who is the school’s sponsor?

The Pacific Peoples Advancement Trust is the governing body and sponsor of the Pacific Advance Senior School. The Trust, established in 2005, is an umbrella Pasifika organisation focused on raising aspirations and achievement of Pasifika youth through social and economic development programmes and projects. The Trust is committed to re-engaging Pacific youth in education and improving outcomes for Pacific communities. The Trustees are La’auli Savae Michael Jones MNZM (chairperson) and Hamish Crooks.

What are the term dates and school opening hours?

The school observes the same term dates and public holidays as state secondary schools. This is in consideration of families who also have children at other schools. It also enable our students to stay connected with their friends and community during school holidays.

The school day is from 8.15 am -3.00 pm.

What is the background of a typical student?

There are some students who choose to disengage from their local school despite the school’s best efforts and advice, and the student not having any concrete plans for further education, training or employment. The Pacific Advance Senior School aims to

reengage these students and provide them with another chance to gain a quality secondary education.

During term one 2015, Student 1 was absent from school an average of two days each week without good reason. Not surprisingly, he found the course work increasingly difficult to understand and he completed few of his assignments. By the end of the term he had not gained any credits towards NCEA Level 1 and he had decided to leave school.

A friend encouraged him to enroll at PASS and he did so at the start of term two. He quickly developed a good relationship other Samoan students and with his teachers. He is meeting his school attendance goal of at least 90 percent and he has gained 32 credits towards NCEA Level 1. He expects to have gained at least 50 credits by the time he sits his externally assessed standards in November.

He intends to complete Year 12 in 2016 and is thinking of becoming a police officer but also likes the idea of studying Law at university.

When in Year 10, Students 2 missed an increasing amount of school. He found relating to his teachers and peers difficult and he decided not to not enroll at any school the following year. Because his plan to be home schooled did not eventuate, he disengaged from education and remained at home for two years. He tried to push away thoughts about his future and his career prospects.

Upon hearing about PASS, he decided to return to school in 2015 and he is currently on target to achieve NCEA Level 1 by the end of the year. He intends to complete a combination of Level 2 and 3 standards in 2016 and he thinks he will pursue a career in science or medicine.

He reflects that he “needed another chance at gaining an education”. He is taking advantage of his time at PASS and he enjoys being at school.

Student 3 left her local school partway through 2015. She described herself as a student who had “her body at school, but not her mind”. As a result, she shifted towards the back of the classroom, gave up asking questions and decided to worry about her future later. She felt, after the passing of her mother, that it was only a matter of time before she stopped attending school altogether.

She learned about PASS and, with the support of her father, enrolled in term two. She says that she believes in herself again and that her teachers “believe in me, will help with anything and will answer my questions”.

A career in engineering currently appeals to her and she realises that her immediate next step is to return to school in 2016, do well in English, Mathematics and Science, and gain NCEA Level 2. She is excited with the prospect of her sister joining her at PASS in 2016.

Does the school employ registered teachers?

All of the school leaders and teachers are registered with the Education Council and hold a current full practising certificate.

What courses and qualifications does the school offer?

The school’s focus for its Year 11 students is on developing a strong basis in English, Mathematics, Science and Physical Education so that they can succeed at the next level of their education. Student progress, towards achieving 80 credits or more for NCEA level1, is closely monitored.

Year 12 students work towards achieving NCEA level 2 and the award of a Vocational pathways. In addition to continuing their studies in English, Mathematics, Science and Physical Education students have the opportunity to choose other subject or courses that reflect their interests or future aspirations.

From 2017, Year 13 students will pursue a range of courses that will lead to the award of University Entrance and NCEA level 3.

What success has the school had so far?

Almost all students describe that they are enjoying school and doing better in their studies. They give anecdotal evidence about how a change of attitude on their part is contributing to a happier home and family life.

School records show that the majority of students achieve the credits for each standard they are assessed against.

Average school attendance is approximately 88 percent. Many students are attending school over 95 percent of the time.

What school support do students receive?

Because of their background, particular attention is paid to each student’s school attendance. Following up any unexplained absences is a priority so as to ensure students do not revert to a pattern of intermittent school attendance.

School ‘coaches’ follow up on unexplained absences, liaise and communicate with families, and assist students with their understanding of their classroom work.

The school is committed to reaching and reengaging students through the school’s values.

What are the school values?

PASS provides a Pasifika teaching and learning framework built on Pasifika core values.  These are:

Love and Compassion – love God, love people and love your neighbours as you love yourself.

Respect – respect God, respect others and respect yourself.

Faith – have faith in God, faith in others and have faith in yourself.

Service – serve God, serve each other and serve the community.

As we aim to immerse and nurture our young people to live in and abide by our PASS values, it is imperative staff members uphold and demonstrate the values too. All staff and students are encouraged to lead, encourage, support and walk according to the values in all aspects of life at PASS.