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For Parents/Caregivers


PASS recognises that one size does not fit all. We aim to provide our parents and fanau with another vehicle or vaka that may better suit the unique learning needs of our PASS students. We are dedicated to nurturing students who will ultimately fulfill their educational potential first and foremost and in the process are strong and confident in their Pasifika identity, life skills and leadership potential.


We are committed to optimizing a student’s educational outcomes by providing a Pasifika culturally responsive environment, dynamic academic mentoring and pastoral care models that support and nurture the learning needs of our Pasifika youth.

These models complement the work of PASS’s qualified teachers, who have experience and expertise in teaching Pasifika students with a passion and an affinity for empowering Pasifika students’ through education.

The school curriculum is designed to ensure students have viable pathways to successfully pursue further education at tertiary level and vocational pathways once graduated. The PASS learning environment aims to provide innovative learning approaches that engage our students. The learners are then armed with personal education plans that reflect their aspirations and strengths and a realistic plan entailing their NCEA pathway on a case by case basis.


At PASS we are committed to:


How could PASS be more suitable for my child than mainstream education?



Our curriculum

We offer NCEA Level 1, 2 and 3 certificates.

NCEA is a national qualification on the New Zealand Qualification Framework.  Standards that secondary school students achieve as part of NCEA can be used as building blocks for other qualifications.


A Kainga/Student/Principals interview is essential upon enrollment. After all necessary process are completed upon enrollment a Personalised Education Plan (PEP) is developed, then signed by the Student, Parents/Caregivers, and Principals.

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