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For students

PASS recognises that one size does not fit all. We aim to provide a vehicle or vaka that may better suit the unique learning needs of our individual students.

If you, our students, are provided with a curriculum that is relevant to your culture, identity and life, then you will be more engaged, stay in school, achieve at a higher level and will have a better chance for a productive working life.

When you thrive and succeed, our fanau and community thrive, and we all benefit.

PASS’s instructional approach includes the following:
• Flexible learning arrangements within a structured framework – a student can enrol at any time and fit learning in with other life commitments while having structured goals and learning commitments.
• Organising programmes around meaningful themes with clear pieces of learning that embed unit standards
• Content and assessments that relate to aspects of students’ own lives, and are culturally-relevant
• Learning that occurs within the student’s own context, in a workplace or community environment
• Effective embedding of literacy and numeracy
• Blended learning, support and motivation that is community-based and involves one-on-one contact