The Fonofale Model of Pacific Well Being originally developed by Pulotu - Endemann for health practitioners has become a well-established framework for providing Pacific-centred and culturally safe delivery of services to clients and communities. Increasingly, it has been used in education contexts and as such aligns with the PASS vision, values and philosophy.

The Fonofale encompasses the values and beliefs universal to all Pacific Island cultures. The concept of the Samoan fale or house is used as a frame to describe a Pacific view of key factors fundamental to developing resilience and positive well-being.

The school will operate within the Fonofale model. This means that it will have a deliberate focus on developing the whole person; including talavous’ intellectual, moral, social, emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions and capabilities in an education setting.

The taualuga provides shelter (malu) for life. This is what gives strength to our Pasifika kāinga/whānau and communities. The connection we have with our traditional beliefs and values from our tupuna and what this looks like in practice is a key consideration when supporting Pasifika youth (and their kāinga/whānau) living in Aotearoa New Zealand. 

The foundation of the Fonofale represents the aiga/kainga/extended family, which is the foundation for all Pacific Island cultures.

Between the roof and the foundation are the ‘pou’, or posts. These pou not only connect the culture and the family but they are interdependent and rely on each other. The pou are

  • Fa’ale-tino/Physical: This dimension relates to physical wellbeing.
  • Fa’ale-Mafaufau/Mental: This dimension relates to the health of the mind, which involves thoughts, emotions, as well as behaviours expressed.
  • Fa’ale-Agaga/Spirit: This dimension relates to the sense of wellbeing which stems from a belief system that includes Christianity as well as traditional Pacific connections relating to spirituality, nature, language, beliefs, history, and/or a combination of these aspects.

The ‘//space’ that surrounds the fale represents the importance of relationships, environment, context & time in all situations