The PASS ethos and beliefs are framed and informed by the Fonofale model of wellbeing

Value of acknowledging and honouring our Cultural Beliefs and values

Value of acknowledging and honouring our family/aiga kainga (extended

Value of acknowledging and honouring dimensions of who we uniquely are as Pasifika,
in terms of the Physical (fa’aletino), Mental (fa’ale-mafaufau) and Spiritual (Fa’ale-Agaga)

Our Values are framed with the Poutu of the fale and are embedded and reinforced in school wide practices by kaimahi, talavou and kainga of PASS

Love and commitment

Service and Responsibility

These values will be embedded in school wide practices including the teaching and learning and will be modelled, reinforced and practiced by all staff and students of PASS.

Māori Dimensions and Cultural Diversity

Pacific Advance Secondary School is a state designated character school. Our unique point of difference is that our school environment is embedded by our Pasifika values, culture and pedagogies through the knowledge and experiences of our Pasifika kaimahi (staff), kāinga (families), talavou (students) and community.

Pacific Advance Secondary School is committed to:

Honour, uphold and incorporate Tikanga Māori and Te Tīriti obligations within school best practice, key policies and statements

Building meaningful partnerships with Mana Whenua, Hapū and Iwii

Ensure talavou experience and understand Tikanga Māori, cultural traditions, language and history.
Offer Te Reo Maori as a compulsory subject in Y9-10

Raising the level of Māori achievement as a school-wide target and involving kaimahi in professional learning opportunities to this end