PASS provides a unique Pasifika-centered learning environment that is inspired and modelled through the ancestral eyes of our Tupuna through a contemporary and innovative framework of education that is designed, delivered and determined ‘by Pasifika, for Pasifika.’

PASS is governed and managed by leaders who are descendants of Tangata Moana and have an empathy for, and a deep understanding of the uniqueness of Pasifika heritages across the Moana.

PASS maximises this platform to successfully engage all talavou and kāinga/whanau to optimise their educational journey.


PASS talavou will develop confidence and security from their unique heritage and will be equipped to confidently straddle and navigate the Pacific worldview, Te Ao Māori and the Western worldview.

The development of learners cultural competencies and cultural currencies are key components for developing their Vā Fealo’ai (emotional intelligence) that will underpin their success into the future.

This will be achieved through culturally responsive learning models that value the unique physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs and realities of Pasifika youth growing up in a contemporary Auckland context.