July 06, 2023

Warm Pasefika Greetings!

Do you have a young person in your household who has a curiosity about IT ? Register for this amazing South Auckland STEM event today!!!

The event is hosted by South Auckland STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics. Art & Culture is part of our DNA) a #CoconutWireless initiative, Tech Story and supported by TechBabes NZ, Family & Friends of South Auckland STEM.

MORE INFO via Facebook Group

DATE: Friday 21 July and Saturday 22 July. EXPO IS ON FOR TWO DAYS!

TIME: 9.00am - 3.00pm

VENUE: Due Drop Centre, 77 Great South Road, Manukau

COST: Free

WHO CAN COME? Open to everyone specifically our Māori, Pacific and South Auckland Communities Register for this amazing South Auckland STEM event today!!!

The conference & expo provides a platform for you to meet the STEM Village: * Churches who are wanting to provide a holistic approach for their members

* Community who are wanting to start STEM in your area, network with industry, pivot careers or businesses, etc

* Industry who are showcasing the opportunities for careers

* Parents who are looking at changing your careers, understanding STEM better, etc 

* Schools who are wanting to start your own STEM programme, partner with industry, etc

* Students who are deciding what they’re wanting to do, hands on experience of opportunities in the STEM space, etc


Please note that spaces for the conference are limited! We strongly encourage you to register today to secure your spot! The Expo is open on both days and open to everyone!

For the latest updates in the Auckland Region click here: https://www.connected.govt.nz/your-region/auckland